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We have been working to guarantee maximum quality and efficiency for 40 years, offering exceptional services designed to meet every requirement.

The company

Operating in road transport sector since the early '70s, following a period dedicated to vehicle recovery, as a EUROPE ASSISTANCE partner, and automobile transportation, the company was established as a sole proprietorship and, in 1989, moved on to become the limited company TIRASO Srl (Trasporti Internazionali RAschetti SOndrio). The company thus expanded its fleet to include its first covered flatbeds and dedicated itself to national and international road transport. With an increasingly modern and reliable fleet, the company has been able to maintain the efficiency of its service while adapting to the new traffic volumes and expanding its range of destinations to include all of Europe.
The key elements to the TI.RA.SO strategy are its abilities to understand, anticipate and satisfy customer requests quickly and on time, by working with maximum care and paying the utmost attention to customer service. This is thanks to our readiness to respond to our customers' needs, our continued efficiency, the quality of our service and our exceptional levels of customer satisfaction. We're sure that you'll find us to be a sufficiently flexible company which is capable of offering customised solutions tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer.